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The business coach and his role in business

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The business coach can help the business with his objective view and his “outsider” approach, and can more easily detect the strong and weak points of the business.
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With the suitable knowhow and business expertise, the experienced business coach can correct mistakes and things that were overlooked, and can focus on the business activities that can bring profit to it.
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Having the necessary business experience and the academic qualifications and knowing in practice how businesses operate, the coach contributes to the welfare of the business.
The business coach removes the uncertainty and worries that preoccupy the business and can proceed more easily with the application of practices and feasible goals for the business’ sustainability.
In most cases, and especially in cases of small to medium sized businesses, the business coach replaces the need to hire qualified and expert permanent staff.
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The counselling services of an expert business coach are not limited to the financial and counselling guidance, but to the application of “clever actions” so that profit is increased and to make sure the business is safe and viable.

Who We Are

Ecan business consultants have been active for 26 years providing specialized consultancy services.

It has been providing help to different kinds of businesses, freelance professionals and private individuals with emphasis on professionalism, punctuality and effectiveness.

By utilising its academic qualifications and its wide business experience, Ecan’s consultancy team provides specialized services to its customers, offers its customers the potential to evaluate the business opportunities “offered” to them, to minimize the chances of failure of their business, as well as to reduce personal and business risk.

Ecan consultants provides services of Business Coaching, restructuring of loans, business mediation, Exports, Imports, Promotion of Businesses and Programme funding, for which it has several years of important experience.

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